dimanche 22 avril 2012

Report: North Korea ready for nuclear test...

A Japanese television broadcaster said North Korea has completed preparations for another nuclear test.

Japan’s Fuji Television cited a Japanese government official as saying all external preparations were seen to be completed for North Korea to conduct a third nuclear test, and that it would not be unusual for Pyongyang to conduct such a test at any time.

The broadcaster said the move prompted Japan and the U.S. to step up alert for possible nuclear detonation by the North.

Earlier this month, a South Korean intelligence source said an additional shaft had been discovered aside from the two tunnels dug for previous nuclear tests the North conducted in Punggye-ri, and that construction there was observed to be coming to an end.

North Korea has already conducted two nuclear tests, one in October 2006 and the other in May 2009.
(KBS World Radio, 2012-04-23)

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