jeudi 29 septembre 2011

Former North Korean official wanted for abduction...

Japanese police say they will seek an arrest warrant for the former senior North Korean official who masterminded the abduction of a Japanese national some 30 years ago.

The Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo says Kang Hae Ryong, former deputy director of the overseas intelligence investigation division of the Korean Workers' Party, will be put on an international wanted list next month.

The police say the official allegedly ordered North Korean agents to kidnap Tadaaki Hara in 1980 and provided them with funds for their activities in Japan.

Hara, 43 years old at that time, was working at a Chinese restaurant in Osaka. He went to a beach in Miyazaki Prefecture believing the agents were going to interview him for a job. There Hara was abducted to North Korea.

Two former agents, including Sin Guang Su, have been wanted internationally for the past 5 years.

The police say Kang is believed to have taken instructions directly from North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

They say the suspect may be in his mid-80s.

The police are expected to seek, through diplomatic channels, the handover of the suspect.
(Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Sep. 29 2011)

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