mercredi 21 décembre 2011

Kim Jong-un issues 1st military order on Dec 19th...

Kim Jong Un, the heir apparent and son of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, reportedly issued his first military order just before his father's death was announced.

South Korean government officials said that Kim Jong Un ordered all military units to stop military exercises and return to their bases shortly before noon on December 19th.

The North Korean military had been conducting annual drills on that day. At around 8:30 AM, two short-range missiles were launched toward the Sea of Japan from a base on North Korea's eastern coast.

The military cancelled another test launch scheduled for the afternoon and soldiers returned to their bases after Kim Jong Un's order was issued.

South Korean military officials have concluded that there was no connection between the missile launch in the morning and the late North Korean leader's death.

Kim Jong Un became a four-star-general in September 2010.

South Korean government officials view Kim's order as a concrete sign that he has complete control over the military, and an indication that he is poised to formally become the military's top commander.
(Japan Broadcasting Corporation, 2011-12-21)

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