lundi 12 décembre 2011

New tensions along Korean Peninsula...

North Korea has warned South Korea of unexpected consequences if it lightsa Christmas tree-shaped steel tower structure near their tense border. The North' said such a movewould amount to a form of "psychological warfare". Seoul's annual tradition of lighting up a Christmas tree tower was suspended in 2003 following a warming of ties with Pyongyang. But last year,it resumed the tradition as relations chilled. Seoul is said to have given permission to Christian groups to light two towers this year in the western, central and eastern parts of the border region beginning December 23rd. Relations on the Korean Peninsula frayed after South Korea blamed the North for sinking one of its warships in March 2010 with the loss of 46 lives - a charge Pyongyang denies. Tensions were further strained months later, when North Korea shelled a Southern border island, killing four people.
(Radio Canada International, 2012-12-12)

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