mardi 14 février 2012

North Korea Sends 1000 Technocrats to China...

A Japanese daily says North Korea has sent roughly one thousand technocrats to China under the North's new regime led by Kim Jong-un. Citing multiple North Korean and Chinese sources, the Tokyo Shimbun said North Korea sent the officials, including mid-level managers, to private firms and factories in northeastern and southeastern Chinese cities from late January. It is believed the officials were broken into small groups of ten members or less to tour companies and plants in major Chinese cities including Shenyang, Yanji, Dalian and Shanghai. They also apparently met with economy- and trade-related officials in China. The newspaper says North Korea could be eyeing these Chinese regions as a model for economic reform, and the North's new regime may be considering changes based on its findings.
(KBS World Radio, 2012-02-15)

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