vendredi 7 octobre 2011

Kim Jong Il's grandson gets visa to Bosnia...

An official from Bosnia-Herzegovina has confirmed to NHK that the country issued a visa to a man believed to be a grandson of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

South Korean media reported last week that a man named Kim Han Sol was planning to enroll at a school in Bosnia. They said he is believed to be a son of Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of Kim Jong Il.

A Bosnian official told NHK that the country's embassy in Beijing issued a visa to a North Korean national of that name on Friday. The official said the applicant wanted to attend an international school in Mostar, southern Bosnia.

But the official could not confirm whether the man has received the visa, nor when he will arrive in the country.

A Hong Kong newspaper says the man initially attempted to enter an international school there but Hong Kong authorities denied him a visa. The newspaper says he now appears to be aiming to enroll at a sister school in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
(Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Oct. 8, 2011)

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