mardi 11 octobre 2011

Kim Jong Il's grandson to travel to Sarajevo...

A boy believed to be a grandson of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is reportedly going to travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina to enroll at an international school.

A person working for Bosnia-Herzegovina's embassy in Beijing told NHK that a North Korean boy had visited the embassy and obtained a student visa.

The ambassador was reportedly at the scene and said the boy is Kim's grandson.

Separately, an official of Bosnia-Herzegovina's government told NHK that a North Korean male named Kim Han Sol is planning to fly from Vienna to the country's capital, Sarajevo.

Kim Han Sol is believed to be a child of the North Korean leader's eldest son.

The boy is expected to head to the southern city of Mostar, where the international school is located.
(Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Oct. 12,2011)

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