vendredi 7 octobre 2011

Presidential Aide warns of potential nuke testing by North Korea...

Next week’s summit between the presidents of South Korea and the U.S. will likely address the possibility of a third nuclear test or missile launch by North Korea.

Deputy national security advisor to President Lee Myung-bak Kim Tae-hyo said President Lee Myung-bak and U.S. President Barack Obama will hold "in-depth" discussions about the two nations "conventional and extended nuclear deterrence" during next week's summit in Washington.

Kim told a security forum in Seoul that he believes North Korea could test-launch a long-range missile or hold a third nuclear test if denuclearization talks with South Korea and the U.S. fail, and six-party talks fail to resume.

The aide said North Korea is likely to take provocative measures if Pyongyang determines it can't receive economic assistance from the South and the U.S. ahead of next year's presidential elections in both countries.
(KBS World Radio, Oct. 8 2011)

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